Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Testing, testing... is this thing on?

So I'm trying out this blog thing just to see what all the fuss is about. Its still early days, and I haven't figured out how the hell to DO anything here yet, so it'll be a learning experience!

Anyway, my intent is to share bits of random nonsense with any readers I may happen to attract or fool into coming over here! I'll talk about my writing, what I'm working on both as a writer and editor, things that inspire me or piss me off, punk and new wave music of the 80's, some chef stuff (I'm a trained Executive Chef by profession), various authors whom I admire and love (or hate and loathe -- depending on my mood), and just general inane thoughts.

I guess appropriately enough is the explanation for my blog's name: I own a big old Colonial house in Lockport, New York that I've taken great effort (not to mention time and money) to try to bring back to its former glory. I love my home and its an extension of me. The land was parceled off by The Holland Land Company in 1822 and the house built in 1874. Its a beautiful beast with grand bones. I call it The House of Secrets -- a name that just came to me when I first moved in because I felt there was more to the place than meets the eye. In a future blog I'll go into some of the more interesting details of the place, like the Satanic altar that used to be in the basement, or the time I found all my shoes tied (but I live alone with two cats!).

But this, then is just the beginning. Until next time,

Unpleasant Dreams....


  1. Welcome home, Scott. You'll get the hang out it. I did, and I do all of my techno-computing stuff with my elbows.

    Can't wait to read more, especially about The House of Secrets. Sounds like you have several books worth of inspiration and stories all around you.

  2. Learning experiences are the only real experiences.

    I look forward to reading more in the House of Secrets.

  3. Reading you 5x5, sir! Loud and clear. Looking forward to your random wanderings and more information on that house of yours. Good luck!

  4. Interesting idea Scott!! Have you looked into the homes prior owners? Check into any stories behind the home at the Libray? I think this one of many of your great idea's!! Looking forward to future readings!!